Friday, November 30, 2012

What is Nerd Up?

You may be asking yourself, “What is Nerd Up?”  Strangely enough, we have the answer that you are looking for!  Probably not the droids, though.

Nerd Up is a discussion of some topics that might be considered to be marginally nerdy by the general populace.  At the core, we’ll be looking at music, movies, games, food, and technology.  That’s not so extraordinary; after all, lots of people like to play video games, many people watch movies, most people enjoy listening to music, and almost everyone likes to eat.

However, not everyone listens to video game music with fan created lyrics and story, watches a Japanese comedian playing video games from 30 years ago, or breaks down complex questions of science and technology into understandable terms for those people who may only have a passing knowledge of the subject.  Here, we do.

Nerd Up will be broken down into multiple compartmentalized divisions to discern between the different topics.  Sometimes topics will overlap, so we will attempt to use a tag system to make finding specific types of content easier.  The goal is to have at least one new topic of discussion per week.  The preliminary divisions are as follows:

The Control Room - This is a space for announcements about Nerd Up.
The Lecture Hall - Discussion of science, technology, and history.
The Test Kitchen - Food, spirits, and cooking discussion.
The Screening Room - Discussion of videos, anime, and movies.
The Listening Chamber - Discussion of songs, albums, and all things aural.
The Viewing Stand - Discussion of conferences, seminars, and festivals.
The Observation Deck - Observations and discussion of random things.
The Peer Review - Input from our peers as well as Comments on posts.

That about covers the introduction to the blog.  We'll see you soon with some more interesting things to talk about.

Nerd Up Launched Today

Welcome to Nerd Up.  We'll use this space to take a look at video game music, emulation, gaming history, science, movies, food, technology, and any other topics that might tickle our fancy.  Actual content to follow shortly.  Enjoy the meal.